Computer Repair Services

About us

Whether you are having problems with your PC or laptop or looking to upgrade, we can help.  I am a small business catering for individual home users and small businesses, based in Whitchurch, Hampshire.  I work from my home location and aim to offer a personal service and keep costs to the minimum.


Bring your computer to us, and we will assess and provide a quote for any work needed with no further obligation on your part.  This way, my customers can avoid any expensive call out charges.

Alternatively, we can arrange to come to you for an agreed call out charge. We will always agree all costs directly with you before starting any work, so there are no surprises.  All work is carried out on a “no fix no fee” basis and we also offer a 3 month guarantee on any faults we fix.

General Help

Many people own a computer, but many only use a fraction of its capabilities and are unsure how to get the most out of it.  We can help by offering simple advice on how to setup and configure your computer, how to connect to and configuring wireless networks, use wireless printers, protect data from viruses and malware through to using different software packages. We can provide help where you need it.

PC and Laptop Repair

Computers are highly complex devices and can fail in many ways. We can help with all types of work in this area from replacing power supplies, hard disks, motherboards, memory through to solving overheating problems. We can also provide assistance when you just need some guidance with software or other peripherals.


Virus and Malware

If your computer is running slower than usual or you are getting pop-ups or other strange behaviour, it might be infected with a virus or spyware. This can happen even if you think you are protected. No anti- virus program can detect and remove 100% of the millions of malware types.  

Website Design

Every small business should have a website and the internet is full of adverts for free DIY websites or companies offering websites for extremely low prices. The reality is that it is often a little more tricky than it first appears to create something that sells your business.  We can help at all stages, from offering advice and support for you to build your own site through to delivering a ready made website that you can go on to update on your own.  Contact us to discuss what you are trying to achieve.


Want to keep all of your files, music or pictures from your old PC and move them to your new one?  Believe you may have lost your files due to a computer crash ?  Sometimes a PC crash is fatal and data is lost from the disk, but in some cases, the data and any personal files can be recovered.


PC or Laptop Recycling

Have an old computer you want to scrap or sell but worried about your personal data ?  We can help securely remove any data or personal files before you scrap or sell your device.  This can be done by wiping the disk with a special software tool or if you need a more secure solution, by removing and destroying the hard disk.  We can even handle the PC or laptop disposal for you.  Call to discuss your needs.


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